11.12.13 - Numeric Vibration of the Date!

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Numbers have always played an important role in our lives, be it the Number on our birth certificate to the ones on our mark sheets, salary slips, bank balance, thermometer, a blood test, pulse rate, cell Number, flat No and so on.

No wonder then that they have garnered a lot of attention; the RTO is indeed earning in millions for those who want to opt for their ‘lucky-number’ license plates.

It is no longer only Bollywood or Cricketers who have a fetish for Numbers, be it a release date or a Jersey Number, even Banks have jumped the Numerology-bandwagon, allowing their clients to choose a ‘Lucky’ account Number!

And why not? The results are there for all to see.

With 11/12/13 coming up, it is no surprise then that a lot of couples are using this date to tie the knot. Even expectant mothers are reportedly opting for a C-Section!

There are many who are using this date to launch their ventures too.

Being the last of its series that perhaps most of us would see, the date no wonder carries a novelty around it.

But is it really worthwhile or auspicious to bank on this date?
According to Numerology, 11/12/’13 is a date doubly influenced by No 2, Moon.
Doubly as not only does 11 add to 2, even 11+12+2013=2.
Moon, as one can also see is a dreamy, romantic, gentle, imaginative and creative planet.
Moon lends gift of imagination, and creativity; hence, most No 2 people are very ‘gifted’ and talented. Many songs in Bollywood have been inspired, and pictured on the Moon.

Some of the great romantic Bollywood actors of all times are ruled by number 2, such as K L Sehgal, {11/4}, Rajesh Khanna, {29th Dec}, Dilip Kumar, {11th Dec} Amitabh Bachchan, {11th Oct} Shah Rukh Khan {2nd Nov}, Sanjay Dutt {29/07}, Ajay Devgn {02/04}, Naseeruddin Shah {20/07}.

Cancer Ruler is Moon too; both bomb=shells, Katrina Kaif {16/7} & Priyanka Chopra {18/7} are Cancer born.

Arguably the biggest Superstar ever,Michael Jackson {29th Aug} was a No 2 too.

The epitome of love, Taj Mahal adds to No 2.

The flip side of the Moon is that it makes a person moody, and sometimes prone to mood swings and restlessness. With the phases of the Moon, even the vast ocean is affected, as can be seen with the high and low tides.

They are also inclined to be oversensitive, and so easily get downhearted if they are not in happy surroundings.

The date in question could be good for those who are 1, 2, 4 or 7; i.e., No 1 {Sun} are 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th born; No 2 {Moon} are 2nd, 11th, 20th & 29th born.

No 4 {Uranus} are 4th, 13th, 22nd & 31st born and 7 {Neptune} are 7th, 16th & 25th born. For others, the date could be indifferent to even not auspicious enough to attempt something important.

Final say- treat it as just another date! Relish every moment that we are blessed with!
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