12.12.12...Good or Bad?

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Surely, numerologically, as I have repeatedly said an excess repetition of the same number represents an excess strength of that planet or number, which, is never ‘good ‘ or is never an ‘easy vibration’. If you see the below mentioned examples you will see how when numbers repeated in dates likes 7.7.2007, 8.8.2008, 1.1.2011, the consequences were not good for certain countries and individuals governed by that number. Just as 7 was bad for Pakistan when 7.7.2007 came, Mushraff was ousted from power following Benazir’s assassination in 2007 since Pakistan kabala name number aso adds to 25+7, similarly INDIA kabala name number also adds to 12 which is the same as 12.12.12 vibration governed by Jupiter which rules over number 3 and which is also currently retrograde till 30 January 2013, leaders and especially religious leaders born on 12 th and fate number 3 will suffer like those with fate number 1 like Raja, Kalmadi, Kanimuzi, Ratan Tata suffered in 2011 due to excess 1 energy in the date. Sharad Pawar, born on 12 December, Yuvraj Singh, born on 12 December 1981, Harbhajan Singh born on 3 July will suffer problems.

For India, whose kabala name number is 12, Jupiter which rules number 3 is also retrograde, it rules over banking in India’s chart, so reforms related to banking will be blocked or problems related to debt will surface for the next 3 months which will worry everyone, but the situation will improve after March 2013. The sensex and prices of gold will be very volatile and turbulence in the prices will also be seen for next 3 months as Jupiter also rules over gold.

Also since 2 is repeated four times in the date, prominent women may suffer from temporary problems. Arvind Kejriwal, born on 16.8.1968, whose kabala date adds to 48=12=3 and Kareena Kapoor whose date 21.9.1980 also adds to 48=12 =3 may come under temporary problems and obstacles in the next 3 months.

How is it for those planning marriage or new baby births on this day? I would not recommend it at all as all planets will fall between the Rahu-Ketu axis causing a kaal sarp yog, which is a strong karmic dosha causing a life full of ups and downs and is never an easy energu to handle as this day shall also be a amavas day with both Sun and Moon being eclipsed by Rahu.

PAST EVIDENCE AND MY RESEARCH OF HOW REPETITION OF MANY NUMNERS IN A DARE CAUSED CRISIS (Also predicted much in advance in print and electronic media). The following para is just for those interested in factual evidence.

Whenever number 1 repeats more than 4 times many times in a year, as per rules of numerology, it shall be a bad year with respect to qualities of that number/planet. 1 is ruled by the Sun, so there shall be excess of Sun energy which certainly is destructive.

We have seen in the past when 7.7.2007 came, Pakistan saw instability in Pakistan after assassination of Benazir Bhutto and exit of Mushraff in same year, it affected Pakistan most as kabala number of Pakistan is 25=7.

In India, on 8.8.2008, three 8’s came together and the full date added to 26 and later there were the infamous Bombay 26/11 attacks as predicted by me earlier and 8 is India’s destiny number too, so India was affected.

History shows that most evil dictators/leaders who used methods for mass killings has 11 in their names/birth dates.

11 is no doubt a master number..the anti Christ will be quite active from this period. The most evil dictators of all times had 11 in their names or birthdays, including Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Napoleon Bonaparte and Saddam Hussein. Some works speak about anti Christ having anagram of MABUS or MABAL. MABAL adds to a 11 as per the kabala. But these are not enough to justify destruction of the planet.

OSAMA KILLED on 1.5.2011..............which adds to 10 which is his birth date as he is born on 10.3.1957.

Attack on 11.9.2001 and Osama’s death on 1.5.2011.

One can see the evil effect of multiple 1’s in Osama’s death too and the man who got him killed..BARACK OBAMA also is a name number 11, destiny no 11, born on 4. 8.1961=4+8+17=29 .

So Osama’s death in 2011 will act as a catalyst in enticing jihadi wars and retaliation and the biggest danger to the world will be through ‘nuclear attacks’ or to nuclear reactors. Only 11 can control 11, much will depend on OBAMA who is also 11. The war has already begun and just like when Arcduke Ferdinand’s assassination triggered the first world war, Osama’s death will be a catalyst and draw up new formations for a long battle between the east and west. Killing of 80 Pakistani trainee army recruits is an example and jehadis have promised more.

11 independently is a number of Moon which represents the Islamic countries and since 1 has repeated many times this year all middle east countries, also Pakistan and Afghanistan are in turmoil and 1 independently which rules over Sun element effect is reflected on the totalitarian regimes and aristocracies/monarchies ruled by the Sun (number 1), have all come in problems in this year, whether it was in Egypt (Hosni Mubarak), Syria, Yemen or Libya. Japan (the land of the rising Sun ruled by number 1). France is also ruled by Sun (number 1) and took the initiative against Libya, it too has threat in near future.

In India the excess number 1 energy affected leaders born with fate 1 like Kalmadi, born,1 May, A Raja, born, 10 May, Kanimozi, born 1 January, Ratan Tata ,28 December..
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