Be Prepared for Nature's Fury & Violence

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Instead of getting engrossed in too many of our bitter political controversies and fights, the nation and our leaders should pay more attention to natural disasters and violence visible in India this year is a reminder that needs to be repeated. In a television interview I had already said it on 11 June this year.

Techniques of Late Hardeo Sharmaji

The techniques of late Hardeo Sharmaji of the Vishwa Vijay Panchanga, now popular with many astrologers who have learnt them, can be used to first understand the prediction made about the disaster in Uttarakhand in the month of June and the further prediction about the continuing fear of such natural calamities and violence from July 8 when five planets will conjoin in Mithuna or Gemini.

Sapta Nadi Chakra

For rains the technique used in the case of India is the well known Sapta Nadi Chakra, divided into seven nadis according to nakshatras. Here the rain producing nakshatras start from Ardra (number six) and end with Svati (number fifteen) or say from Mithuna to Tula though in south India it will be from Rohini or Vrisha to Tula because rain starts there early.

8 June 2013

In the fortnightly lunar chart of June 8 the positive points were that three benefics Jupiter, Mercury and Venus were conjoined in Mithuna an excellent indication of copious rains.

Saturn Rahu conjunction in Tula which will continue for some more months is the indicator of disasters, natural and man made, and violence. This was aspected by Mars from Mesha earlier. In the 8 June chart Sun Mars and Moon in Vrisha aspect Saturn and Rahu through the Sanghatta Rashi Chakra technique indicating disaster and violence both of which happened. Earlier there was the Naxalite attack on Congress leaders in Chattisgarh and in the middle of June there was a terrible natural disaster in Uttarakhand.

8 July 2013

Here the notable features are:

1) Five planet conjoin in Mithuna Mars, Jupiter, Sun and Moon and retrograde Mercury which bringsabout sudden torrential downpour with lightning and cloudburst along with some earth tremors. It is more so because Mars joins it. But Jupiter not being combust as in was in June 8 chart, such a big disaster may not happen.

2) Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus continue to be in rain producing nakshatras which is an indication of good rainfall.

3) Saturn, Rahu and Mars in Dahan Nadi is an indicator of violence and destruction caused by torrential downpour etc.

4) In the Sanghatta Rashi Chakra these represent eastern and central mainly though these can happen anywhere in India if local weather observation is done there and combined with astrological principles.

"Media confirms huge toll due to floods in rivers in eastern UP, fuming level of Godavari and increase in frequency of earthquakes. In all fairness, we give credit to Shri K N Rao's consistent warnings to Indian Government and people about natural disasters foreseen in entire 2013." 
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