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Sample Destiny Planner of Aries Sign for 1 st and 2 nd April 2013

Position of Major Planets during Month of April 2013.
(The Sun will enter Mesh Rashi on 14 April at 01.28 hours. Mars will also enter in Mesh on 12 April at 19.37 hours. Jupiter will remain in Vrisha, Saturn will remain in Tula, Rahu will also remain in Tula and Ketu will remain in Mesh throughout the month of April 2013. Mercury will enter Meen Rashi on 10 April at 01.56 hours. On 28 April Mercury will enter Mesh Rashi at 18.29 hours.)

Panchanga: Monday, 01/04/2013. : Monday, 01/04/2013. Sun Uttarayan, Vasant Ritu.
Chaitra Krishna Paksha K-06 Shashti. Jyeshta. Vyatipata. Sri Eknath Sasthi, April Fool’s Day, Bhadra. Gulika Kaal (Good) 13:58—15:31, Rahu Kaal-(Bad) 07:46—09:19, Yamgantak Kaal (Avoidable) 10:52—12:25.

An injurious day for joint venture issues. Be highly alert as you are accident prone this day. Avoid rash driving and unwanted hurry. You should take care of your health.

Panchanga: Tuesday, 02/04/2013. Moon enters Dhanus at 01.02 hours. Bhadra in Pataal Lok begins 01:04 and ends at 12:16. (Avoid if Possible).
K-07 Saptami. Moola.Variyan. Bhadra, Basora, Budhva Mangal. Gulika Kaal-12:25—13:58, Rahu Kaal-15:31—17:05, Yamgantak Kaal-09:18—10:51.

Inauspicious day for Profession and business matters. However after the noon, the day of satisfaction as regards gains in work field. Journeys undertaken will be fulfilling. Suitable for journey.

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