Dream interpretation beginning with alphabet O

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Obstacles - Obstacles which can take the form of a hill, dark forest or a wall in a dream suggest that you need to overcome difficulties just the way you handle them in the dream.

Octopus - The tentacles of the octopus in the dream indicate that you might be drawn towards something that seems to be frightening.

Odour - A good smell signifies good times in future whereas an unpleasant smell is a warning sign for bad times ahead.

Old man - The image of an old man is symbolic of incompatibility.

Onions - To see large quantities of onions in your dream indicates that you will suffer from envy and malice after being successful.

Orchard - The image of an orchard in a dream is suggestive of fertility.

Owl - To hear the voice of an owl in your dream is a warning signal indicating death.

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