How to wear a Panna stone

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Panna Stone

Thanks to its angelic green color and glittering appearance, the Emerald or Panna stone catches everybody’s fancy. Though it may be found in abundance in places like Zambia, Brazil, and Columbia, people the world over yearn to make this precious jewel their own.
Ruled by the planet Mercury, Emerald or Panna stone, as it is popularly known, exhibits many metaphysical properties. However, to benefit and derive maximum advantage from these metaphysical properties, this gemstone should be worn using the right procedures and methods.

Here is a step-by-step guide of wearing the Panna stone/Emerald the correct way:

1. Wear this gemstone only under the expert guidance of a certified astrologer. The Emerald stone draws strong inferences from the planet Mercury, thus it is extremely crucial to check with an astrologer to get access to the divine powers of Lord Mercury.

2. Also, it is imperative to check the position of Mercury in your astrological chart. An astrologer will be able to check if Mercury is aligned positively or negatively in your horoscope and guide you accordingly.

3. Once an astrological consultation is complete, purchase a high quality Panna stone from a certified and reputed gem dealer. Buying a cheap quality piece will breathe disaster rather than positivity.

4. Once the purchase of a good quality Emerald gemstone is complete, the next decision to be made is when the Emerald should be worn. Ideally, the Panna stone should be worn on a Wednesday, since the day is ruled by Mercury – the Lord of this gemstone. Astrologers recommend befriending the beautiful Emerald on Wednesday mornings during Shukla Paksha, if possible.

5. On which finger do you adorn the Panna stone? Well, you can do so on the little finger of the right hand. Women can wear the Emerald stone on the little finger of their left hand too. 

6. The weight of the Emerald/Panna stone should be atleast 1.5 carats or ratti. Ideally, to get maximum benefit, the weight should be 5 carats or more.

7. While wearing the Emerald/Panna stone sit on a green colored cloth and in the northeast direction.

8. Purify the ornament studded with the Emerald/Panna stone by dipping it in unboiled milk or Ganga water for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then, take it out and carefully place the ornament on the green cloth on which the Mercury yantra is drawn.

9. Before you wear the ornament, offer flowers and burn five incense sticks. Round them around the ornament and recite the following mantra, pray with devotion to the Lord Mercury requesting him to bless you always!

“Aum Bum Budhaye Namah Aum” or “Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaaya”

10. Now reverently wear the ring. You should start experience the positive effects of 1 to 2 months.

11. Remember to clean the ornament regularly to conserve it powers and effectiveness. 

12. After three to four years change the ring after consulting an astrologer.

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