Make your Valentine feel special!

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With Valentines Day coming up, we thought of sharing some tips on what to do to woo your Partner for better tuning.

After all, if we can fine-tune to their needs, strengths & weakness, life could become far more simpler, even if not a Bed Of Roses!

Let us delve into the likes & dislikes of people born on all Numbers, 1 to 9.

If your spouse is-

Number 1 (Sun):

Born on 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th in any month. And Leo's.


It comes naturally for them to lead; playing second fiddle comes with great difficulty. They will want to be looked upon so let them take a greater role in decision-making. Let them decide which holiday destination, movie or restaurant.

Get connected to their topic & be a good listener: let them feel cherished & wanted.

Like the Sun that gives light & life,they are givers too who like to nurture & influence others.

You can't resist boosting their ego & ambition too since they exude so much light.

At the same it should not appear to be a pretence.

Let your partner feel 'Ek Numberi!'

After all the effort, you can expect to be at the receiving-end too; and bask in their glory!


Number 2 (Moon)

Born on 2nd, 11th, 20th & 29th in any month. And Cancer & Taurus born.


Being high on emotional quotient, they are easily down-hearted if in unpleasant surroundings. Romantic in disposition, music, candle-light, ambience, wine, great food followed by a sumptuous dessert can work wonders. Way to their heart is through also adjusting with their moods & restlessness.

Sensitive in nature, they do not take criticism easily. Use a surgeons knife if you have to convey something that may be disagreeable.

Solitude is what they would enjoy rather than being with the mob.
Table for 2, PERIOD!



Number 3 (Jupiter)

Those born on 3rd, 12th, 21st & 30th in any month. And Pisces & Sagittarius born.

Jupiter being the Biggest, they are large-hearted too at the same time appear to be domineering & like to be in the drivers seat. A romantic movie may not necessarily appeal to them but then what's stopping you to try other genres!

If they talk business on the dining table, then they surely don't want to see the difference between work & pleasure as work is often their

Expect them to chip in with regards to the Bill as they are too egoistic (read-self respect) to allow you to foot the expenses.

If they want to win the argument more often, let them do so as there's a difference between a battle & a war!

The good thing is their commitment is often life-long.

They often prefer a 'Gang' rather than spend time alone. So 3 is never a crowd for them!



Number 4 (Uranus)

Born on 4th, 13th, 22nd & 31st in any month.

Thinking out-of-the-box they may appear to be very unpredictable. But being predictable could be so boring, wouldn't it?

Expect the unexpected; they would often be spendthrifts, wanting to over-indulge in the luxurious things of life. A gadget would be the ideal gift. Often humorous, they can be the life of any event or party.

Playing an instrument, singing, dancing or being a stand-up comedian, they can be the cynosure of eyes. So do not let jealousy spoil the day!

Not orthodox they can appear to go over-the-top and appear brash too, surprising one & all. But with time, you will learn to blend with their eccentricities.

Waqt waqt ki Baat hai!



Number 5 (Mercury)

Born on the 5th, 14th & 23rd in any month & Virgo & Gemini born.

Mercury being the fastest, they are often travel-freaks; expect them to pack their bags at a short notice! They often have wheels on their feet. Bored of monotony, expect them to try out different cuisines & restaurants. Not to be confined to a single person, they will ideally prefer to move in 'packs'!

Amongst their weakness that you need to try & overlook would be their (mostly) harmless flirtatious & mischievous side.

They can speak on a variety of subjects, so try not to be repetitive.

Often linguistic, communication is their USP. Let them do the talking, though you can take solace from having the last word!



Number 6 (Venus)

Born on the 6th, 15th & 24th in any month. And Taurus & Libra born.

Venus denotes luxury, beauty & finesse. Expect them to be fussy but rich in tastes, hence expensive too! Good things do cost more! They will listen more to their hearts than heads and get swayed by emotions.

A little gift, even a solitary rose can take you a long way.

Often fond of music, attire, jewellery & high-end gadgets, if you plan an outing, it better be the best places.

Win them with love & attention; you will get back too in ample quantity.

But if deceived, they will not take it lying down!

Love them or leave them shall be your mantra!

VALENTINE GIFT- Diamond (they won't settle for less!)

Magnificent 7!

Number 7 (Neptune)

Born on 7th, 16th & 25th in any month. And Cancer born.

Neptune, a mirror-image of Moon lends gifts of imagination, makes one intuitive, creative, unusual & restless. Expect your partner to be moody & temperamental. Usually they are spendthrifts & fond of travel, seeing far-off lands, an outdoor-trip would set them off. They can recharge their batteries during such trips.

They are good planners even if not great at executing them; so prepare yourself to do the finishing.

Places surrounded by water generally appeal to them as do exotic cuisine & Cocktails.

They are lovers of beauty so brush up your presentation skills if you want to gift them with something; and this better be unique.

If in a fit, they can get abusive & loud but leave them alone at that moment. Time flies!

They can live you as passionately as well.


8th Wonder!

Number 8 (Saturn)

Those born on 8th, 17th & 26th in any month. And Aquarius, Libra & Capricorn born.

Saturn governed may be a little more reserved; don't expect them to open up easily. Going through hardships they don't trust easily and are usually on the back-foot.

Will-power & Determination is their USP. If you want to charm them, avoid large gatherings. Table for two will only do! A candle-lit place would be preferred to a loud, open set-up. They can take a long time in making the first move so unless you don't mind waiting till eternity, it is advisable that you strike first.

Temperamentally they are bull/headed, obstinate & stubby to the core. Try to win them with patience & love.

Short-cuts won't work here!


9 Lives!

Number 9 (Mars)

Born on 9th, 18th & 27th born. And Aries & Scorpio born.

Mars is red, hot & fiery; expect a dash of energy & spark in them. Usually passionate, they are like a 'charged-lightning'! Adventurous to the hilt, they are fond of excitement & dare-devilry. Sporty by nature, they prefer the mountains more than the cities!

Lovers of speed,they hate slowness & hence appear to be impetuous, impatient & rash.

9 when multiplied by any Number produces 9 again! But when added to any, they produce the Number that you add it with.

So win them over with love, not force.

Rather blunt, don't expect diplomacy or a 'Kids-glove' treatment from them.

They can be vengeful if given the wrong end of the stick; so dare not betray them!

The good thing is they can be Chivalrous & can treat you as Royalty; albeit, if you can forgive their weaknesses!

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