Significance of Janmashtami Festival

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It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. Lord Krishna is the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu who came to earth on this day. The historical background of the birth of lord Krishna depicts the significance of this Hindu festival. This year it will be celebrated on 2nd September 2018.

Celebration of Janmashtami 2018
This festival has major significance for the people of Mathura and Vrindavan as it was the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The preparation for this festival starts weeks
before the actual day.  And devotees perform various activities to welcome this day. The tale of Krishna’s birth is recited in temples and houses. People sing songs
dedicated to Lord Krishna. Everywhere one goes, they are greeted with festive fervour on this day. People visit temples at night to worship Krishna with enormous faith
and dedication.

Devotees keep a whole day long fast which they break in the midnight or on the next day. The fast is usually a waterless fast. Fragrance of the flowers, soothing aroma
of burning camphor and jingle of the temple, bells fill the atmosphere with divinity.

Importance of Janmashtami 2018
It is said in Bhagavad Gita that whenever there will be a predominance of evil and decline of religion, God will reincarnate to kill all evil and restore the good. This festival is the example of the same. Lord Vishnu reincarnated in the form of Lord Krishna to save the earth from the Evil and spread the message of love and harmony.

Celebration of Dahi Handi
Dahi handi is celebrated on the second day of Janmashtami. Krishna was very naughty in his childhood. He used to steal butter made by gopis and eat. When gopis complained about this to Ma Yashoda, she ran after him with a stick in hand to punish him. Dahi Handi is celebrated to mimic the stealing of butter by Krishna. An earthen pot containing butter, ghee (milk fat), dry fruits and milk is hung at a great height with the help of a rope. Energetic men make a human pyramid and climb on each other to reach the pot and then break the pot.

Each and every aspect of Krishna's life is captivating no matter whether it is naughtiness of Bal Gopal, Krishna's life in Gokul, Krishna's romance with Radha or the assassination of cruel Kansa. God never asks for material things. A deity wants attention from his devotees. Devote yourself fully towards lord Krishna and make this Janmashtami special.

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