Super Astro Vastu Diwali tips

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  • On Diwali, feed whole wheat goli to the fishes of any nearby water body.

  • Make an offering of pomegranate, sugar cane and custard apple to Devi Lakshmi on Diwali. Donate 7 pomegranates and 9 custard apples to any person.

  • On Diwali night, light a diya, place it on a peepal leaf and float it in the river.

  • Keeping a twig of tamarind plant in the wardrobe of the house or locker/ iron safe of the office brings prosperity and well-being.

  • Offer pooja to Ashok tree a day before Diwali and bring the root of this tree home. On Diwali night, while offering a pooja to goddess Lakshmi, worship this root also. The next day, keep this root in the locker.

  • On Diwali morning, visit a Lakshmi temple and offer clothes and perfume (itra) to Devi Lakshmi for financial success in life.

  • While offering pooja to Ma Lakshmi on Diwali night, sprinkle split chickpeas (chana dal) on the deity. After the pooja, collect the lentils and offer them at the root of the peepal tree. By doing so, your dream of getting a job will be fulfilled.

  • On Diwali, place a crystal tortoise in North direction in such a way that its face is towards the house.  It is believed that this attracts Devi Lakshmi in the house.

  • On Diwali morning, in Vrishabh lagna, take two black gram vadis (lentil bites), put a little curd and vermilion on them. Place these vadis under a peepal tree and take a bath after coming home. This ensures peace and prosperity at home.

  • A day after Diwali, put a tilak on forehead with clay of the tulsi plant for peace and health.  

  • Rose and lotus are considered as two favourite flowers of Devi Lakshmi. Hence, these should be offered to Ma Lakshmi during Lakshmi puja. Apart from flowers, two sugarcanes should also be presented to the deity.

  • On Diwali night, install a crystal Lakshmi charan during Lakshmi puja and offer prayers. Offer prayers to the holy feet every day.

  • Install a crystal Lakshmi idol in your pooja place and perform abhishek rituals with milk and water poured from a Dakshinavarti conch shell. After the abhishek rituals are over, worship Devi Lakshmi and recite the Shree Sukta patha. This will strengthen your finances.

  • Installing a Dakshinavarti conchshell in your pooja place ensures affluence in life.

  • It is said that Ma Lakshmi loves a bhog of milk delicacies. Hence, offering any milk item such as kheer is said to please the deity.

  • On Diwali afternoon, offer water mixed with sesame seeds on peepal tree and pay homage to your ancestors. By seeking the blessings of your forefathers, you enjoy a smooth life without any hassles.

  • If you are not able to recover money that you owe from a person, write his name with camphor kajal on a bhojpatra (birch leaf) and place it under a stone. By doing so, your money will be easily recovered.

  • To improve your finances, start the ritual of donating milk to a Lakshmi temple every day.

  • Bring a water hyacinth on Diwali, cover it with a cloth and keep it in the kitchen to increase your savings.

  • Take 22 Peepal leaves, write, ‘Shreelakshminrisingha’ and offer the leaves in a Vishnu temple. This will enhance your wealth.

  • On Diwali, early morning, light seven diyas under a peepal tree and circumambulate around it seven times to bring prosperity in life.          

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