Transiting Taurean Jupiter and You

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On 17th May 2012 Jupiter transited in Sign Taurus for 1 Year. Astro-numerologist Anupam V Kapil foretells what impact this transiting jupiter will generate on your Moon Sign. Read Now!

Aries: Jupiter now moves in your wealth sector, it brings happiness, fame and name and respect, money and contentment, gains of wealth, reunion with loved ones, expansion of family by birth of children, sweet speech and all round prosperity. Also, you shall be able to repay loans taken, there will be realization of long outstanding dues too. Mid May to June is a slightly cautious period, don’t lend money or invest in get rich fast or money multiplier schemes. Financially, you can expect to really grow in your work and business, there is no doubt at all that big new projects will be yours this year, your finances will multiply as Saturn also favours you considerably. Be on guard between July-August when there may be rivalry at work/business and you may suffer losses, if you don’t take abundant caution. This period also puts pressure on your spouse’s health and your own personal relationships too. Take care of your health in August-September as this is a high stress period, avoid fights and litigations during this period, if you can. October-November is also a low energy period for you where your self defenses and health will be down, love also takes a beating during this period, so watch your words. The first half of the year is excellent for those in love, to flirt, propose or marry, but the period between September to November is full of misunderstandings and quarrels, in some cases even enmities due to love spurned down.

Taurus: ...Reason to be pleased as plenty of favourable developments await you as Jupiter moves into your sign signaling relief from debts, loans and diseases. Emphasis will be on love marriages and partnerships which may be under pressure, always keep a square piece of solid silver on your person to avoid the bad effects. Marriage for those in love is indicated. You may also acquire new house/land/vehicles. Your fame shall increase, recognition, rewards, gains and image building are indicated. June to August is a very rewarding period where a lot of achievements come your way, enjoyment of various kind of pleasures is foreseen, gain from women, acquisition of wealth and properties is indicated. Tricky and difficult time at work, disputes/losses possible in September. The more delicate periods for health would be in October last week to November second week. If married, your spouse’s health needs attention in August. December is favourable for all matters related to wills and legacies. Take care of your mothers health between October to November, be careful of your own health too.. Marriage for those in love is indicated up to June 3 and there is also a good yoga for new house/land/vehicles. Another yoga for love marriage is between August 1 to 15, though the period for a new love affair runs from 17 August to September 9. Illegal affairs in November may spoil your reputation as you may even be blackmailed by someone. July 14 to Aug 8, love affairs would be under difficult influences and likelihood of misunderstanding shall be very high, but for those who had broken affairs just before these dates, may witness resumption of ties again, in short a period of review for affairs will be available once again to take a final decision. November is the worst month for your romantic life, even treachery or break ups are quite likely during this period, which is otherwise also bad on all counts.

Gemini: Jupiter’s twelfth transit is not considered easy, especially for those already going through ill health as recovery takes longer. Separation from family (due to any reason), loss of money and property, futile journeys, ill health, sorrow, and expenses on account of auspicious deeds is seen. Your expenses will increase, but you must invest in business. The investment would not go waste as this transit shall lay the foundation for the next two years where you will be able to reap the benefits. Occult and metaphysical subjects will greatly interest you and shall also benefit you. Good relaxation, interest in giving donations and social activities is also seen. Health wise you still need to take care as visits to doctors and hospitals and spending money on them is indicated. Till June, Mars is well positioned till June giving you enough courage and strength to deal with any kind of situation. For buying a new house/conveyance September 14 to October 1 seem to be the probable period of fulfillment of your dreams. May 17 th onwards your expenses will shoot up and losses too are indicated. July to September shows some recoveries and return of somewhat better times. Peace of mind gets disturbed in July and November, a period where to avoid dealing in old/new property and avoid buying new vehicles. Health needs attention between May 22 to June 4, visits to doctors are likely between May to July. May 15 to June 4 is a period of review in matters of love and affection, an earlier lover may come back in your life, break ups with someone during this period are likely to reviewed again. Best period for affairs is August and November, but December is a period of enmities in love, lust may be mistaken for love and regretted later. The period between May 21 and June 14 will be a very testing on all counts, whether they are domestic affairs or property related matters, things will simply not go your way now.

Cancer: Jupiter moving into your eleventh house will bring you name, fame, respect, health, new jobs, children, progress in mantras and occult field. You will receive honor, respect, profits etc. Most of your wishes will come true. If eligible you will get married. Most of the people will be confirmed in the profession or get good promotions. You will become more responsible and respectable. Those in high education will attain the highest distinction. Happiness and gain of money is clearly indicated. New partnerships will be formed and there shall be gains too. July to October also seem to be hugely eventful months, but maximum money flows in between July-August. Smart real estate deals could get you profits, especially between September-October. The weak moments for your health shall be in June and December. Tension in your domestic life, or health issues of your spouse shall disturb you in August due to the Saturn-Mars contacts. November-December is a period of great temptation and a khichadi in your love life is cooking up, some not so nice characters may attract you and you may end up in a soup if you let the joy ride go a bit far, it looks very strange indeed, there shall be more than three options at hand, and you may be double timing, watch out, as your reputation could get sullied due to the Sun, Rahu, Venus contacts towards the end of the year.

Leo: Jupiter is now in your tenth house which is a slightly disturbing transit as there could be loss of money, change of place. Most important developments shall be on the career front and profession. With reasonable efforts and a cautious approach you will have considerable progress. Avoid being domineering, arrogant and overbearing. Inflated ego can lead to problems with superiors. Reward and recognition for work done will be there as long as you are not domineering and egoistic. Travel in connection with work, is seen, though all travels will not be fruitful. The best months shall be May and June where finances shall multiply or you get opportunities which help you financially in the long run, it could also be due to smart speculation in the stock markets or commodity markets. In July and November you can make mistakes and suffer losses of money or speculation due to wrong and rash decisions, so do keep this in mind as Mercury, which governs the finances in your chart will also be retrograde then, beware of wrong advise or tips from friends in July. August is also a good month for your career, but you could loose money through speculation, so beware, don’t lend money. September to November shall be another productive cycle at work, but difficult too as your relationships with your siblings shall also be affected, your written mails/correspondence and paper work shall bring you to problems. Beware of heated arguments with your partners or spouse in June-July, things might get out of hand. September to December is a very mixed period, there shall be new work and business too, but expenditures are also bound to increase significantly in July-August. Your health needs attention in November and domestic issues shall disturb you in December. Remedies for Rahu and Mars shall be helpful to mitigate ill effects.

Virgo: Jupiter enters your ninth house and this is one of the most favourable transits as there will be expansion, pride and confidence. You will feel good despite evil influences in the chart elsewhere. Your position becomes secure and you will make an impression on others. A very fortunate influence in your personal life and contact with relations with others will be beneficial. For those in business, success in all ventures, profits in business and a good time to expand the business. For writers, there shall be gain through religion, writing, publication and communication. Foreign travel will be gainful. And there will be opportunities for extensive long travel or gain for learning, teaching or formal or informal settings. You will have religious inclination, religious functions in the family like marriage, child birth may take place, If pursuing or attempting higher studies, success is shown, you will obtain good education, and time is favourable for going abroad or pilgrimages. June and September are very eventful months for your career and overall advancement in your career and personal life, immense happiness and celebration is shown around this time, nothing is impossible to attain now, so make best use of this opportune time, this is also a good time to switch jobs or negotiate with your employers for a revised package and September 13 to October 23 rd is a good period on the monetary front. Your health shall be delicate in September and siblings health will be under pressure in June-July. Casual affairs will be taken to a whole new level, but rules for this partnership need to be flexible or the relationship is unlikely to survive. A more serious attitude towards, and outlook on, life in general comes with Saturn’s influence. Romantically, the best periods are between June and July and September 14 to October 1. Those looking for converting their affairs into marriage will find the period of June-July most favorable. For buying properties or moving houses, June to the year end is an excellent period, ditto, for those desirous of buying new conveyances.

Libra: Jupiter will be eighth from your sign which is not considered good for health, you need to attend to health issues which are a priority now. Danger from evil intent, black magic by enemies, fear from thieves, officials, loss of vitality, anger, futile journeys and work, loss of money is also seen. Death in the family especially of aged relatives,; wills and legacies. Acute financial problems, wasteful investments, misunderstandings with close relatives. On the positive side you will get some inheritance, financial benefits due to a favorable judgment, inclination to learn occult sciences. A good period to take loans from banks as people will willingly help you in some way or another. Many powerful and fortunate changes in your life which will make you richer in the long run. The best months in terms of your career and profession are June, July, September and October and the most difficult months are December. Upto June 13, you will see a change in your emotions and the way you view a particular relationship. Do not take any decisions between this period as they will most likely be reviewed later again. July is a very passionate month, but quarrels are not ruled out, you are likely to be intolerant with lovers on small issues leading to big flares, this trend continues to August. Travel should be avoided in July and November as it shall prove expensive and fruitless. Health needs attention from now, organs that need to be guarded are the liver, kidneys and pancreas, those who have suffered from jaundice earlier should avoid alcohol strictly. Between August 15 to September 28, you shall experience problems in your own health, enmities, legal issues as well as problems to your spouse, as it seems to be quite a difficult period you must regularly visit the Hanuman temple close to your house, best would also be to massage yourself also with til oil daily. Avoiding salt on Sundays will also prove beneficial. Love matters shall also run into rough weather temporarily, though career matters show much promise soon after from September to November.

Scorpio: Jupiter’s arrival in your seventh house ensures your reputation shall increase and Saturn’s exaltation ensures solid gains to continue. You will be completely relieved. It is like that this a karmic payback time for your good deeds in the last few years. Professionally too, it is an extremely rewarding period. You might get your promotion which was delayed or you may also get promoted out of turn or receive sudden good news about a pay hike. If in business, you can expect controversial matters to suddenly ease. Stuck deals will open up. Big orders will start coming your way. Favour of officials, gain of money, all round prosperity, favorable journeys, gain of children, and company of good learned people. June, July and August is an excellent period for partnering and romance, though, July seems to be very tough on the domestic front for those married, litigations connected to property are also possible then. An exciting job offer, reward, recognition, or promotion is very possible after May 17th to the whole of the year. An opportunity to expand on a worldly level arrives now. Jupiter expands whatever part of your chart that it touches, and your career, reputation, and public life are influenced by this planet of abundance. Career matters move smoothly and the points of career highs in September and December will delight you. Increased public recognition and professional success characterizes this position. This can be a time of achievement, career advancement, and success in business. Work-related travel or the reaching of a wider audience is possible during this cycle between May to August, a rewarding phase in your career, promotions, achievements and gains make you happy. From May third week, Jupiter shall bring major relief on all fronts. June and October are very sensitive months not only for health, but also heavy expenditures and injuries are possible during this period, expenses or losses due to litigations are indicated, professionally too, you must be careful during this period. Some rigidity in your career could create challenges in your home life. The urge to rebel against conditions that you have previously accepted is strong, Some of you will be working out of your home, and some will be earning money through home-related endeavors now.

Sagittarius: Jupiter moves into your sixth house which rules over loans, diseases and enemies. It shall be a slightly difficult period for a year now. Health problems need immediate attention and they will be cured immediately. Be very careful of entering into partnerships. You will be tempted to act arrogantly. Quarrels with wife children and relatives, fear from thieves and officials, ill health, futile work and fear. Loan related problems may be expected so do not go for unnecessary or heavy loans. Your health shall be delicate, but under no circumstances the situation will go out of order. You may get opportunity of contracts and jobs. Integrity and honesty will get you everywhere now. The more willing you are to put yourself in the limelight, the more positive the rewards. Now, you shall take loans for expansion or other purposes. People will be jealous of your success, their evil eye may affect your health, especially your liver and digestive system. July-August are dicey months for your health, overwork and lack of proper rest and sleep may take a toll on you, your spouse will also suffer ill health in July and your profession shall also have a downtrend during the same period, working professionals may even lose their jobs if they are inflexible. November can be critical for your own health and there may be hospitalization too, friends may also be a cause of losses and professionally this is a weak period where things look gloomy, beware, don’t sign any papers asking for guarantee or any bonds which restrict your job opportunities adversely. Love affairs shall also proceed smoothly till August 13, slight misunderstandings in August third week to September 28, and then further in October break ups are very likely to spoil relationships for good. However, August-September shall be good for business.

Capricorn: With Jupiter moving through your fifth house, you can expect a lot of improvement in the overall affairs of your life. Your self expression and creativity will grow as never before, plans and schemes shall be successful. And you will be more courageous. Legal problems shall get over though expenses will considerably increase. Financially, you will have gains and also you could be lucky in all forms of speculation, lotteries and stock markets. Try to save now as inflows would be very comfortable. Friends will prove very lucky, you will make new and influential friends and they shall help you. Litigations and court cases will start getting solved after a month or so. Marriage/romance is under good influence, those not engaged and eligible can get married and you shall be able to find the right mate. Birth of children is also possible now. Learning mantra vidya and higher education are also possible now. Worship of the sun and Guru will prove very beneficial. Travel shall be very profitable, religious travel and visits to ancient places/temples is indicated. An excellent time for students pursuing higher education. Overall gain and happiness. Problems from your own family or relatives will flare up between August third week to September 28 and cause you tremendous stress. September 14 to October 1 is a good period for spiritual trips and you shall receive Divine help during this period, if you undertake spiritual journeys. Avoid travelling between July 14 to Aug 8 as that shall not be beneficial at all. Though your career is firmly looking up from 14 September, the period between Nov 6 to 26 will need some review of a decision and if you take a wrong decision, it can lead to your fall later, best action would be to just watch as a spectator and be diplomatic, wearing a off white cap when walking in sunlight shall help you tide over the crisis.

Aquarius: .. Jupiter now moves into your fourth house, which rules over maternal, domestic and property matters. This is indeed a good time for property, inner peace and security. A new home may be bought or you may get a new conveyance. This is also a good time to invest in real estate. Relationships with parents shall also be cordial. You will receive help from close relatives and from mother. Real estate gains are clearly visible in May when you may buy a new conveyance or renovate your house. Businessmen will see consolidation till July and then gains in speculation between August 9 to 30th, speculation may be avoided between July 14 to Aug 8 and November 6 to 26. However, professionally, you shall get good breaks in November and December. Professionally, there is hardly a difficult period for you, except stretches of June and July where some work related tensions may also spoil your domestic peace. September is a troublesome period for those in love, all kinds of mischief are possible. The best period for your love life is June and July, the tricky periods are July, August, September and October.

Pisces: Jupiter enters your third house which means the stress throughout the year will be on all forms of dialogues and communications. Strained relationships with siblings will improve. Favorable transfer and shifting of place, frequent visits of friends and relatives, brother/sisters come and reside with you now. ,Discomfort in the family due to interference of others is also possible now. You may travel a lot to spiritual places as well as for business. Saturn is eighth from your sign (Astham Shani), sometimes it also leads to loss of spouse, so shaanti of Shani by puja, havan and daan is compulsory. Financially, the best months are June, but 14 August to 28 September is very bad for your finances and cash flows, you might also suffer heavy losses during this period, so be careful in your dealings, don’t take unnecessary risks. Though the overall impact of Saturn would be negative, some benefic transits will also help you to counter enemies and opposition, as also victory in court cases, namely that of Mars which shall be placed in your sixth house till mid June. For those single, love interests would dominate in June-July, new love affairs are possible during this period. During this period there shall be ample opportunities of making money provided you are not overconfident and rash. August 13 to September 28 is a very dangerous period for you where you shall have mrutyu tula kastha (death like suffering) and it is very important to get remedies of Mars and Saturn, best would be for you to immerse 4 dry coconuts and 4 kgs sugar in running river water on a Tuesday. June is a favourable period for property related matters, but you should avoid property related dealings between July 14 to Aug 8, as being careless can cause you huge losses as Mercury would be retrograde, similar results between November 6 to 26. Your health shall also be adversely affected from October end till December. 
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