Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

Birth Dates Range:   Feb 19 - Mar 19
Zodiac Sign Grouping:   Water
Characteristic Feature:   Mutable
Lucky Colors:   Aquamarine, pure white, mauve, purple, violet, silver, soft sea green
Lucky Days:   Thursday
Lucky Numbers:   07
Ruler of the zodiac sign:   Neptune and Jupiter
Strengths:   Sympathetic, creative, spontaneous, calm, astute, musical
Weaknesses:   Scared, melancholic, depressed, unrealistic, easily victimized
Likes:   Solitary life, resting, listening to classical music, romance, spirituality, visual art
Dislikes:   Criticisms, violence, I know everything temperament, memories of the past life

Pisces Horoscope

Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac, i.e. it is the 12th in line. It starts from 330 degree of Vernal Equinox and extends up to 360 degrees. Watery by nature, mutable and feminine, Pisces is a sign of short ascension. Sign Pisces is also termed as cold, fruitful and bicorporeal. Pisces born are usually surrounded by mysteries, fantasy and dreams. They feel things deeply and quite often they keep on absorbing emotions of people around them. They need to explore their world through their emotions. They are very impressionable and moody. Their looks are very compelling. One look from them can melt even the stoniest of hearts. Most of them are born with deep intuitive sense even if it's latent. Sign Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune - a planet of illusion that deconstructs reality and takes 168 years to orbit the Sun. It stays in a sign for 14 years. Classically, it is associated with idealism, dreams, escapism and self destruction. Its positive influence in the chart can help individual to create beautiful things but in negative terms it can lead to deception, fantasy, addiction and pretence. The sign is represented by two fishes tied together and swimming in opposite direction. The Glyph represents versatile, fluid nature of Pisces.

Pisces Characteristics Horoscope

Pisces are highly friendly with others and so it is natural to find them in the company of people. These selfless individuals always look forward to opportunities to help others. Most times, they are sacrificial in nature not expecting anything in return for the favors they extend. Ruled by Neptune, these are highly intuitive people endowed with great artistic talents. They love music and you find great singers born in this zodiac sign. Pisceans are highly caring, compassionate, generous and very loyal. They can form a great emotional bond with people. In order to win the attention of others, often they are highly willing to become martyrs. They are highly tolerant people and can easily forgive others.

Pisces Love and Marriage Horoscope

When it comes to love life, Pisceans can provide a highly caring and passionate partner. They are highly romantic and look forward to a highly sensuous relationship. These people are very loyal, highly generous and gentle with their partners with lesser chances for disputes and disagreements. They have a huge need to feel a true connection with their partners. Sometimes, they yield easily for short term relationships and love adventures in their enthusiastic zeal to meet the needs of their contacts. It is rare to find individuals who can be more caring for their partners.

Pisces Family and Friends Horoscope

Pisceans are gentle individuals and are number one on the earth when it comes to loving and caring. In love life and family life, they are sacrificial that they are willing to put the needs of others in front of their own needs. These loyal, devoted, faithful and highly empathetic individuals will volunteer to solve any issues they find between their family members, close friends and relatives. Highly intuitive in nature, Pisceans can easily sense what is going to happen in future. They are highly expressive and will never hesitate to share their feelings with others. In the same way, they always give priority to frankness in relationships. For them a good communication with the beloved ones is of top priority in life.

Pisces Career Horoscope

Pisceans will shine in careers that give vent to their creative abilities and imaginative power. When it comes to charitable causes, Pisceans can make a passionate contribution by becoming a part of an organization. Some good career options for Pisceans include law, architecture, medicine, music, social work and game designing. Pisceans have a zealous interest in bringing some changes in the lives of people they love. To this end, they are more than willing to do great sacrifices. When focused on their goals, they will amass enough money to achieve them easily. They will never fall short of money for a decent life.