Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope

Birth Dates Range:   Nov 21 - Dec 20
Zodiac Sign Grouping:   Fire
Characteristic Feature:   Mutable
Lucky Colors:   Purple, light blue, dark royal blue, yellow
Lucky Days:   Thursday
Lucky Numbers:   03
Ruler of the zodiac sign:   Jupiter
Strengths:   Liberal, committed, fun loving
Weaknesses:   Impractical promises, impulsive, divulges sensitive information easily
Likes:   Independence, wide travels, higher aspects of life, outdoor life
Dislikes:   Dependent people, staying confined, too many details, abstract arguments

Sagittarius Horoscope

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac. It starts from 240th degree of Vernal Equinox and extends up to 270 degrees. Fiery by nature, mutable and masculine, Sagittarius is a sign of Long ascension. Sign Sagittarius is also termed as Dry. Sign Sagittarius is known as a learned healer who bridges the gap between humans and beasts. Sagittarians are passionate and impulsive individuals who are able to bend and bow according to the situation and the company they are in. They have a huge desire to travel and explore to the world. They love their freedom and abhor any restrictions. Their versatility and natural optimism win them many friends but only few can stay for entire life. Sign Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter - the guardian angel, the good luck charm. It takes Jupiter 12 years to orbit the sun. Wherever Jupiter is placed in the chart it amplifies and expands the affairs connected with that house. The sign Sagittarius is represented by a Centaur - half man, half horse. The centaur suggests duel nature of sign that is infused with intellect.

Sagittarius Characteristics Horoscope

Every Sagittarian is a curious and robust individual. Among all the zodiac signs, Sagittarians love extensive travelling the most. They are very much open-minded and deeply philosophical. They like to wander around in search of truth in life. Being outgoing, optimistic and highly enthusiastic individuals, Sagittarians can easily transform their vision into action and achieve their cherished goals in life. Curiosity and humor are the top highlights of their personality ruled by Jupiter. They value freedom more than anything else in their life. They like to travel to distant places and explore new cultures and thoughts. Being very honest, often they invite enmity and misunderstanding when they tell things on the face bluntly.

Sagittarius Love and Marriage Horoscope

Highly fun loving and playful Sagittarians always seek fulfilling relationship with their partners. They are highly expressive of their needs and have passionate needs. Therefore, they need a partner who is equally frank and passionate to the core. When it comes to love life, Sagittarians are more than willing to try anything that comes on their way. This zodiac sign feels there is hardly any difference between love and sex. They always love change and wish to beat the boredom by inventing something they can enjoy. Therefore, their love life is always filled with something exciting and interesting. When confronting true love, they will be faithful and loyal. Intelligent, expressive and sensitive partners will highly suit a Sagittarian.

Sagittarius Family and Friends Horoscope

Sagittarians like socializing and making new friends and wish to be surrounded by people and acquaintances. They travel far and wide and make friends in distant lands. Geographical barriers seem to have dissolved in front of them presenting a holistic view of the world. They like learning about new cultures, philosophies and ways of life. They can highly appreciate diversity and variety in life. So, they will never fall short of friends wherever they visit. They are generous and do not like to keep advising others. In family life, they are highly responsible towards fulfilling the needs of every member.

Sagittarius Career Horoscope

Sagittarians always burns with a passion to achieve the goals of their life. To this end, they are prepared to sacrifice anything and everything. They can make good sales people as Sagittarians are experts in communicating effectively and persuading people. They can talk suitable to any given situation. They always favor an environment of variety and dynamism. Careers that suit Sagittarians best include travel agency, photography, researching, art, imports and exports and ambassador. Sagittarians make enough money through various means in their lives and like to spend it. Happy life is their top priority above anything.