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Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to a particular person, while another repels you? Why one couple just doesn’t get along, while another couple seems made for each other? It’s all in the stars. Vedic Astrology helps you connect with just the right person to be your life partner. Match-Making or Kundali matching is analysed on the basis of Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Lagna, Janam Nakshatra and Placement of Planets.

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Marriage Matching

Marriage is not only a sacred bond between two people but is also one of the most important factors that ensure the future of the couple in question. A couple can only be happy if they enjoy a blissful and smooth married life.

Now the question arises – How to ensure a happy married life? Your answer is Kundali matching.

Everything in our lives is controlled by grahas and nakshatras, even our married lives. Hence, it is very important to match the kundalis of bride and groom before the wedding. Kundali Milan or matching is an ancient eight-fold Vedic compatibility test of the horoscope i.e. matchmaking analysis of the couple.

During the Kundali matching, the couple’s natal chart is constructed & compared, and tested for compatibility parameters in total eight ways. Each of these tests has a score and while points earned in each test is different; the entire 8-fold test sums to the maximum score of 36, i.e 36 Guns. For a couple to be fit for marriage, minimum of 18 Guns need to be achieved. If the score is below 18, it is best to cancel the union.

Other than Gun Milan, there are few more aspects, which are very important during match making or Kundali matching. A few to name are Mangalik dosha, Nadi dosha, gana dosha, etc.

In the end, if you are planning to get married, make sure to match your partner’s and your horoscope, and ensure a happy and prosperous married life…