Life Path Number 5 - Five

They are very much the adventurer at heart. Not particularly concerned about their future. They have issues involving expression, will power, truth, and education. They can be excellent problem solvers, as they tend to be analytical. The idea of travel and freedom to roam intrigues them.

Number 5 Predictions

Basics of the Life Path Number 5
Date Lord
For Business:
For Romance:
For Marriage:
Best No.:
Lucky Day:
Lucky Color:
Lucky Gem:
Significant Years In Life:
14, 53,35,41,50,59,68,78
Favorable Direction:
Favorable Taste:
Hot/ spicy
Positive Traits:
They are adaptable and versatile.
Negative Traits:
They are restless and impatient. They dislike the routine work. They jump from one activity to another activity, without ever finishing anything.
Strongest Sense
Friendly Numbers:
Neutral Number:
Enemy Number:
Lucky Metal:
Auspicious Month:
Jan, May, July
Auspicious Period:
21 May-23 June and 21 Aug-23 Sept
Best First Name Alphabets:

Life Path Number – 5

The predominant characteristics of people in life path number 5 are a strong sense of freedom and a keen interest in change. Hence they desire variety in life around them. These people give the greatest value for freedom and like to be independent. They like to explore the unfrequented zones and discover something new even at the cost of missing their near and dear ones for prolonged times. On the move, they wish to mix with new people, taste exotic recipes and experience the newest lands. Challenges are like delicious cakes for them to relish and enjoy.You remove change and variety from their lives and they tend to be less dramatic. They get tired of the familiar things around and develop sea fever. They have a lot of questions related to life which they wish to find out not from lectures, but by personally exploring the world and people. They always like to live in present without saving for future and worrying about what will happen tomorrow. They are never conservatives.

Life Path Number 5 Personality

People sharing life path number 5 have very big difficulty in settling down with a relationship since they are very afraid of being trapped. While they very eagerly seek their freedom, they also tend to seek the freedom of others too. Often their compassionate nature is clearly dominated by their free spirit that moves them towards adventure. Due to this tendency, they often tend to remain immune to what others feel. Since their life often lacks a proper direction, often they are also driven into despair and restlessness for unknown reasons. When it comes to motivating others, very few people can do better than fives. This capability makes them excellent sales people who can easily complete their targets. Those careers that demand extensive travels best suit the people with life path number 5. These are also versatile kind of individuals who can do well in a variety of jobs and career fields. If they have a lot of fives in their birth date, then they tend to be their own bosses and do not like to be ruled by anyone. If they need to report to someone on a daily basis, they cannot thrive in that job for so long.

Life Path Number 5 Careers

Numerology says life path number 5 is a renaissance number. These robust and versatile individuals can do a variety of things. However, the careers that suit them the best are those that give them a lot of opportunities to travel. They like outdoor life to the core. So you will find most of them taking up careers in the field of mass communication, public relations, advertising, sales, dealing with antiques, high risk activities, and others. In fact these people like gambling and never hesitate to work with risks to earn money. So, it is also very common to find these people working as stunts masters, firefighters and construction laborers.

Life Path Number 5 Love Life

Numerology finds people with life path number 5 highly attractive and charismatic. Their strong physical power and carefree attitude to life wins them a lot of romantic contacts. They can easily win the admiration of the opposite sex and make them crave from these people. These individuals’ romantic and mushy nature highly appeals to the people of other gender right from the first contact. Though they remain popular among both the sexes, at times, their negative tendency overtakes them in making them less cautious with people. 5s also lack the sense of commitment. Since they are carefree, their partners are often offended and neglected. Some even complain that they are fooled into the relationship with this people. This can be the cause of breaking up of marriages.

Life Path Number 5 Marriage

Individuals with life path number 5 would have already enjoyed a lot of relationships before marriage. This is because they wish to explore as many relationships as possible in their pursuit of the perfect partner. In course of their love life, they tend to be dissatisfied and bored and they seek new love being motivated to find some change and entertainment. These versatile people greatly love to experiment with new situations and new people. They eagerly look forward to sex as the most important aspect of relationship. Since their minds work very rapidly, these people keep changing their minds from time to time. Despite their flirting and romantic nature, they are very careful when it comes to deciding their life partner.

Life Path Number 5 Compatibility

People sharing life path number 5 will do very well with stable minded people like 2s with whom they can expect a long term relationship. Also another good match for them is number 8. Numerology says these people potentially have a wide range of possibilities with regard to making compatible partners. However, the problems lies with their restless and flirting nature that looks for chance and variety. You will need a partner who is neither predictable nor demanding. These people can do very well with the daring and adventurous 1s. They will also find the imaginative and highly optimistic number 3 suitable to their life. The protective nature of the 6s and the philosophical minded 7s will also make good matches with 5s. However, the best combination out of all the possible matches is found between 5s and 7s since the 7s who are solemn and reclusive will effectively complement the outgoing nature of the 5s.