Life Path Number 7 - Seven

They are fond of reading. They have issues involving wisdom, leadership, control and freedom. They love to be the center of attention and enjoy positions of authority that allows them to interact with a wide range of people. Power can go to their heads.

Number 7 Predictions

Basics of the Life Path Number 7
Date Lord
For Business:
For Romance:
For Marriage:
Best No.:
Lucky Day:
Lucky Color:
Lucky Gem:
Significant Years In Life:
Favorable Direction:
Favorable Taste:
Bitter/ Hot/ Spicy
Positive Traits:
They love to study and analyze, to gain knowledge and wisdom. They have analytical approach.
Negative Traits:
They are timid around people that they don't know. They tend to be very selective with friends and they don't easily adapt to new environments or to new people very quickly.
Strongest Sense
Friendly Numbers:
8, 6, 5
Neutral Number:
Enemy Number:
Lucky Metal:
Auspicious Month:
May, August
Auspicious Period:
21 Dec-22 Feb
Best First Name Alphabets:

Life Path Number – 7

Numerology says life path number 7 is a cerebral number. Due to this, those sharing this number are loners. Most of these people tend to disbelieve people and the world around them, become highly cynical of the world and complain about people and situations. The result is a sense of withdrawal from the world. If they fail to cultivate some involvement and faith in the world, they might turn to be drug abusers. On the positive side, some of them become workaholics and scientists. These people have a high sense of admiration for natural beauties. 7 is a number of higher awareness and a much wider point of view. Sevens have something mysterious about their personality and most of them do not wish to make the world know what they are. Those with life path number 7 are intellectuals, highly intuitive and analytical. These are highly reserved individuals who have a spiritual bent of mind. These people often feel pessimistic, secretive and insecure. These are perfectionists and they also expect the same from all those around. If they get dissatisfied with people, they turn inwards and withdraw from the social connections. People of life path number 7 must be extremely careful in channelizing themselves in the positive track to see that they excel in life.

Life Path Number 7 Personality

Those born in life path number 7 are highly comfortable with themselves and so, most of them are loners. The world views most of them as introverts. 7s hate a busy and hectic life. They are much drawn towards a peaceful living escaping from the stressful atmosphere of the modern life; they like to move into a quiet life of solitude and peace. 7 is a spiritual number. It is very common to see most of the 7s getting attracted towards spiritual topics and spiritual life. Since these persons love solitude, it is very difficult for them to sustain relationships. They view the family commitments rather as a burden and therefore perform poorly as caretakers of family. In their preoccupation with themselves, they lose track of the world around. Often their ways are perceived as naive, eccentric and impudent. The biggest challenges they face in life is to strike a balance between their personal and family lives. Originality, independence, and analysis are some terms that describe these persons. Therefore number 7s are mysterious and highly gifted individuals who need to make the proper use of their amazing gifts.

Life Path Number 7 Careers

People with life path number 7 are dreamers and problem solvers. These highly intelligent individuals do their best in careers with sciences including physics, chemistry and mathematics. It is very common to find these people functioning in areas related to exacting sciences including military strategies and business studies. These people are also drawn towards commercial arts and performance arts like dance and theater and also religious studies.

Life Path Number 7 Love Life

While appearing as recluse and introverts, people born under life path number 7 also highly need love and care. These are highly sensitive individuals who seek to be understood well by others. Their unique personality demands highly understanding partners who can get to know their ways and preferences and go with them to extend the best of their cooperation and support. Since these people have a burning passion for the career they have taken up, they expect their life partner to support them all through. Initially their partners might face a lot of difficulties in understanding them. But the pains they take in understanding and adjusting with them will give wonderful rewards in the long run. These are also very possessive individuals who do not open up things easily with others excepting their life partners. Therefore they wish to keep their partners very close to them always. They believe in lasting relationships and successful marital bonds.

Life Path Number 7 Marriage

These dreamy and thoughtful individuals talk very less. However, this tendency is not indicative that they are unromantic and cold. These people always keep dreaming about what they want from life. Their powerful minds are capable of attracting whatever they dream. It is important that these individuals avoid stress and learn to stay relaxed. Until they are badly hurt by their partners, they remain loyal to them and stay in a long term relationship with their life mates. To prove their worth in their careers, they need a strong backing from a happy family life. Since they tend to analyze things so deeply, a small problem in marital relationship can severely disturb them and steal their mental peace. It is important that these individuals cultivate a good communication with their life partners in order to enhance a good understanding.

Life Path Number 7 Compatibility

Those with life path number 7 have a big difficulty in getting married and then sustain their marriage. Though these are good individuals, their tendency to become critical of others and their lofty dreams and big expectations make it difficult for their partners to stay with them for long. These people share some common traits with number 2s and therefore this can be a compatible match when compared to other combinations. Most 7s get married rather very late in their life since they do not wish to raise a family. They search for partners who are contemplative like them, intellectual and mature. Number 3 can be a good a match for these persons from different angles. Since 5s are unpredictable, they can go well with 7s. The aloof 9s, materialistic 8s and dominating 1s will not suit 7s.