Life Path Number 8 - Eight

They have a natural flare for big business and the challenges imposed by the commercial world. Power, status and success are very important to them. You have strong urges to supervise, organize and lead. Material desires are also very pronounced.

Number 8 Predictions

Basics of the Life Path Number 8
Date Lord
For Business:
For Romance:
For Marriage:
Best No.:
Lucky Day:
Lucky Color:
Lucky Gem:
Blue Sapphire
Significant Years In Life:
Favorable Direction:
Favorable Taste:
Positive Traits:
Their mind is analytical and sound judgment. They have good executive abilities, and with these, confidence, energy and ambition.
Negative Traits:
They are dominating and having an exacting attitude. They have a tendency to be rigid and stubborn.
Strongest Sense
Friendly Numbers:
Neutral Number:
Enemy Number:
Lucky Metal:
Auspicious Month:
March, June, September
Auspicious Period:
21st March-27th April, 21st October-27th Nov
Best First Name Alphabets:

Life Path Number – 8

Persons with life path number 8 are unique and interesting individuals. When it comes to judging the character and reliability of others, very few people can do better than the 8s. So, it is very easy for these people to mobilize human resources to form a good team. Individuals sharing life path number 8 do well in the areas of business, politics and executive positions. These people are driven towards achieving great feats in life and career. At the same time, they want to be appreciated and recognized with their efforts duly rewarded. For these individuals status in life is of top priority. They want to accumulate enough wealth and save it for future to be able to feel safe and secure. Sometimes, they tend to live above their means and end up in financial crisis and debts. When it comes to managing their family, these people tend to feel that their job is over by being a provider. They must understand that they can care for their near and dear ones to win their confidence. 8s never like to be advised. They always follow what they feel as right and go by their judgment and decisions. Therefore, most times they learn things in a hard way after the life penalizes them for their wrong decisions. Since these people are open minded and frank, they end up hurting other people by being blunt. So, often they are criticized as arrogant and rude. These individuals are born with leadership qualities. Life path number 8 is known for its ambitious and goal oriented nature. The strong organizing skills and a wider vision of these people are highly appreciated.

Life Path Number 8 Personality

Life path number 8 stands for authority, ambition, extreme caution and material prosperity. This is also a number of returning opportunity and karma. The individuals of life path number 8 get to review all the lessons they gathered in their other lives. The outcome of this exercise would be some useful insights for them to keep for a lifetime. When it comes to working towards their goals and ambitions, 8s will work diligently sparing enough hard work. These people will shine as business managers and leaders. When compared to any other life path number, these persons tend to be more workaholics. So, they do well in their career and accumulate enough wealth. In the negative side, these people tend to be materialistic to the core and forget all other aspects of their life in their preoccupation with earning money. Often they could also resort to unfair means to make money. Being obsessed with their money making pursuits, they tend to neglect their family. Hence it is necessary that 8s learn how to be balanced in life by effectively doing justice to both family as well as their cherished goals.

Life Path Number 8 Careers

When it comes to career, life path number 8 individuals choose those paths that let them prove their authority, power, status and business oriented mind. Most 8s prefer self-established business. It is very common to find 8s with professions related to law enforcement, top level management and business leadership. When it comes to taking risks, these people take a back seat. They always wish to function within the comfort zone and occupy only tried and true vocations. The careers that suit them best include surgery, pharmaceuticals and psychiatry. These are highly focused individuals and are goal oriented. Therefore they tend to get lost in their material pursuits often forgetting their family. Therefore they must effectively balance between personal life and professional life.

Life Path Number 8 Love Life

Individuals born in life path number 8 are highly independent when it comes to choosing their love and relationships. However, they are very clear about where to draw that fine line. These are rational individuals who can give the utmost care to their life partners. However, one downside they have is their inability to show their love and affection in a way their partners will be able to understand. This fact will often result in giving rise to misinterpretations. 8s take their love life very seriously. They can judge the characters of other people sharply and so they never have any difficulties in choosing the right relationship for them. They do not leave any scope for mistakes. It is very rare to find them suffering heartbreaks. However, some of their partners might find their materialistic attitude irksome.

Life Path Number 8 Marriage

Life path number 8 people are emotional as well as very strong. Often they become the object of misunderstanding by other people and this makes them suffer some deep rooted pains. Majority of number 8 females are seen suffering in their married life. Therefore most numerologists advise these individuals to double check the horoscopes of the matches they wish to consider for marriage. Once they enter their love life, they remain very loyal. Most cases show that these people are not that much practical when they deal with the issues of love and relationships. They just follow what their heart says. It is not that easy to attract them. They take a lot of time to get attached to individuals and enter into relationships. However, once they do this, they are blindly devoted to their partners.

Life Path Number 8 Compatibility

Those with life path number 8 naturally get attracted to number 8s and 4s as they find these individuals sharing a good amount of compatibility. However, since both these numbers will only bring struggles to the 8s, these matches are never advised by numerology. Number 8 will go well with those partners who they can control and influence at least to some extent. Therefore the feminine 2s and the highly sacrificing and caring 6s appear to be good matches for 8s. if a marital union in attempted with 1s, life will be filled with quarrels. Also, since 5s are freedom loving, they do not make a good choice for 8s.