Jul 2019 Panchang

Understanding Panchang

Panchang translated as the ‘five limbs’ is one of the most important foundations of Indian Astrology. Depending on the movement, waxing and waning of the moon, astrology develops the Panchang that serves as the basic measuring scale to make horoscopes, spell the characteristics of a given time of the day and also make astrological predictions for all purposes and individuals. We can say Panchang is the diary or calendar of Vedic Astrology. Panchang supplies all the necessary information to prepare the horoscope of an individual and make his life predictions. Panchang has the detailed information of the characteristics of each day. Panchang is the authentic source in India to prepare the calendar 2019.

The five aspects of Panchang

1. Din (vaar): Day of the Week

As is the case with the Gregorian calendar followed throughout the world, Panchang follows a seven day week from Sunday to Saturday). The days of the week are named after the planets they represent.

2. Tithi or the Lunar day

Tithi refers to the status of moon in its waxing phase (Shukla Paksha)or waning phase (Krishna Paksha). In each of the phases, the tithi is named after the state of the moon. Therefore in between Amavasya (no moon day) and Purnima (full moon day), there are fourteen tithis in both the cycles.

3. Nakshatra or the Constellation

Vedic astrology has divided the sky above the earth into twelve zodiacs or constellations. Nakshatras are the group of stars that make up each of the zodiac signs. In total there are twenty seven Nakshatras or stars making up the twelve constellations or zodiac sings. The Nakshatra of the day is decided in relation to the moon’s position in the sky.

4. Yoga

A Yog is calculated based on the totaling of the Nirayna Longitude of the Moon and Sun and dividing the total into 27 parts comprising 13°20' in each segment. There are 27 yogas in total.

5. Karan

Karan is half of the Yoga. A Karan is over when the Nirayana longitude of the Moon gains every 6° with regard to the Sun. Therefore two karans make up a tithi. There are eleven karans in total, four fixed and seven movable.

The uses of Panchang

Without consulting Panchang of the day, the horoscope of an individual can never be prepared. It is the basic system or frame work on which the entire system of astrology is predicted. Panchang readings can help decide the prospects of a given day for an individual. Also, Panchang helps in fixing the auspicious time for different events and festivals.

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