9 Days Durga Sahasranamam Puja for Ultimate Luck and Materialistic Prosperity on Navratri: 18th March to 26th March

Event Date:21st Sep - 29th Sep 2017

  • Navratri

Benefits of this puja

  • This puja invite good luck into your life
  • It brings everlasting peace and power
  • It helps in achieving four objectives of life – Dharma, Arth, Kam and Moksha

What is included?

  • This puja will be performed by learned pandits
  • Prasad: Panchmeva, an energized Maa Durga locket, An energized Sri Yantra
  • A link through which you can watch this puja online

Important facts about Puja

  • Maa Durga exists in many forms, out of these, only her 9 forms are celebrated during the divine Nine-Nights of Navratri
  • Maa Durga personifies peace, power, devotion and beauty
  • She is believed to be the mother of the Universe and is the main power behind the creation, prevention and destruction of the world
  • It is believed that chanting her names can bring prosperity and harmony in the lives of the devotees

Frequently asked Questions

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