Kanya Pujan on Ashtami or Navami: 25th March & 26th March

Event Date: 25-Mar-2018

  • Navratri

Benefits of this puja

  • Overcome poverty and financial miseries with the help of Kanya Pujan
  • Kanya Pujan helps in achieving wisdom and success
  • Get rid of all kinds of fear and negativities

What is included?

  • A link through which one can watch the puja online
  • Prasad: Mata ka Khazana, Panchmeva, Mata ka Shingaar, Chunri, Durga Chalisa book, Launj, Elaichi and Mishri, a small piece of coconut
  • Learned priests perform the Puja rituals with strict accordance to the Vedic rituals

Important facts about Puja

  • During the festival of Navratri, Kumari or Virgin girls are worshipped on one of the two days - either Ashtami or Navami day
  • This ritual is believed to be very sacrosanct. It is said that whoever performs it, gets blessed with desired boons
  • During the ceremony, young girls are propitiated as per Vedic rituals. They are given eatables, fruits, toys, and dakshina
  • A Kumari or Kanya is a symbol of unmanifested energy and by worshipping her, this energy gets activated

Frequently asked Questions

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