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Love Horoscope This Week (10th to 16th September, 2018)

By: R K Shridhar — Sep 07, 2018
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Movement of Planets

The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in transit is regarded as very important in comparison to other minor transits. Relationships of all kind are a major attention of this conjunction. Your improved corporal and inner beauty make you more popular in social settings. This is one of the best transits for falling in love or smooth continuation of love. It is more likely now that any new romance will live longer. It is your inner harmony and friendliness that is so attractive. Ideally, this time should be spent out and about, engaging with as many people as possible. This is a very blessed transit so you may even be the beneficiary of an unanticipated windfall depending on your natal horoscope.

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Effect of Movement_1

If attached, use the occasion to increase what you already have. Either way, seek increased social interactions, which can favour entertaining and being entertained. Relationships will be the main issue during this cycle, and the desire to be beautiful may motivate you to grow your image. Co-operation often will be characteristic of this transit, and you generally pursue ways to agree rather than disagree as clash of any kind probably bothers you. One precaution, Your optimism will be highly increased and you will believe that things will work out on their own, which they usually will now, but you may have an inclination to sit back and wait for them to happen rather than putting out any effort - you should avoid unnecessary lethargy.

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Effect of Movement_2

Moon is debilitated in the weekend. Moon is our mind, emotions, peace of mind and peace of heart. Debilitated Moon becomes fearful, it doesn't want to lose any connection because we live in the mature world it is difficult to live without relationship. A person tries to control other people by creating the drama of emotions. So, the weekend should be spent with modesty.

Set aside anxiety and insecurity and discover what the stars have in store for you with the Love Horoscope this week:

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Aries Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Mars is exalted and is posited in your tenth house with Ketu. Your fifth lord Sun is posited in your fifth house in Leo along with Mercury. Jupiter and exalted Mars aspect your sign. Take a break from some of the cares that have been weighing on you and taste the aroma of some pure amusement. You are in a romantic mood, ready to let your creative side show. Make your relationship your main focus now and take a break from your social circle to give your partner more attention.

Your creativity and passion will make any amorous pursuit a successful one. A friend or colleague may suddenly become more than that. Make a move if it feels right. At workplace too, bold action now suits you and serves you well. Don't let any detractors hold you back. You are on a roll and exude confidence. With such high spirits you can paint the world the way you want. Take advantage of this time and it will prove prosperous. Avoid rash decisions. Ask your partner for their advice. Be open and honest with love and concern.

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Taurus Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Venus is posited in your sixth house with Jupiter. Mercury is your fifth lord and is posited in your fourth house with Sun. Retrograde Saturn aspects your fifth house.Mars aspectsMercury. You feel towards between the past and the future now. You are ready to be carefree and enjoy some leisure time with your mate. You are full of insights and have some creative romantic schemes up your sleeve. Keep calm and listen to your heart this week. Take a break from the daily grind and do some self-analysis. Self-care and care for others are both vital now.

All aspects of your life -- friends, family, career -- will offer inspiration. You are emotionally attuned and ready to connect with your mate. Share your plans and passions with that person. Get rid of old ideas that are holding you back. Try to decide what you are willing to risk and what you need to hold on to. Don't let anything distract you from your relationships, as they help you stay inspired. The roots of family and love make you feel valued and able to experience joy.

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Gemini Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Mercury is placed in your third house with Sun. Fifth lord Venus is posited in the fifth house along withJupiter. Saturn and Jupiter aspect your sign. You and your partner are both shouldering the load of caring for relatives in need. Take a break by enjoying differently. Do what you can for your partner or elder in need. Assisting them will bring you peace of mind. Try and get a break in a tranquil setting, perhaps out in nature.

You may be feeling distracted this week. Someone or something is leading you towards preoccupation, making it difficult to get work done. Curiosity can be a positive force but keep it in check. Focus on the people who mean the most to you and make sure all necessary errands are completed. If you need help managing things, reach out to your mate. Someone else may also be able to offer an answer you are not able to see. Very soon, you will have your sights fixed back on what matters. Avoid hasty decisions and offer and take advice.

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Cancer Love Horoscope

Your sign lord, Moon is transiting this week from your second house to your fifth house to debilitate on weekend. Rahu is posited in your sign. Exalted Mars is your fifth lord, which is posited in your seventh house with Ketu, thereby aspecting your house. Travel plans for this week may face some complications or delays. Your partner's family may need assistance in this phase, emotionally or materially. Communicate well to get to the heart of the situation and make sure you are listening more than speaking.

Take a break from the stress by going to a show or an outing with sweetheart. You may be looking to connect more with your own family, with cousins or siblings. Let your heart guide you this week as you make decisions that impact you and your partner. Don't grab at easy temptation. Instead, enjoy achievements and lay the groundwork for real intimacy. Be confident as well as humble and you will attract the attention of your mate. Setting things straight now will avoid conflicts later. You will soon find yourself at the top of the world.

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Leo Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Sun is posited in your house along with Mercury. Jupiter is your fifth lord and is placed along with Venus in your third house. Retrograde Saturn is posited in your fifth house, which is not auspicious. Mars aspects your sign. You feel empowered and happy about your physical self right now. Relationships may need attention or repair though. You are feeling cut off from someone who occupies a pivotal space in your life other than your mate, perhaps a sibling or colleague.

A problem or illness affecting a mentor or father figure may cause delays to your travel plans. Your happiness in this phase is dependent on your ability to communicate effectively, especially with your mate. "Walk where your heart leads and you will reach where you truly belong." Now is the most powerful moment to convey a message of passion. Don't fail to act. Your emotions demand action. Follow through on plans you have been contemplating for a long time. Emotional bonding matters immensely to you now. You are able to form an intense chemistry with your mate.

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Virgo Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Mercury is posited in your twelfth house with Sun. Saturn is your fifth lord and is present in the fourth house as retrograde. Saturn aspects your sign by the tenth aspect. Ketu and exalted Mars are present in your fifth house. You are assessing your own strength and weakness and need some time and space to do so. Express your fears and anxieties in a constructive way, avoiding any decisions that would endanger your relationship. Make time for rest and self-care. Though it may not feel like it, you are moving towards a new beginning.

Happiness is accessible, perhaps through meditations, spirituality or romance. You are ready to show your partner just how much you care. Make time for a romantic evening to share your affection. A clear mind will lead to a clear palette so give yourself some space to sort out your thoughts. Innovation requires transformation so be ready to let go of what you cannot change. Don't get hung up on a few initial failures. Have a positive attitude and you will find success. Some self-care is necessary for true mental productivity.

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Libra Love Horoscope

Your sign Lord Venus is posited in your own house with Jupiter. Your fifth lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in the third house and aspects your fifth house. Jupiter is transiting from your own house. Let your charm and intelligence show. Others are drawn to you and ready to wish you well in a plan that has been on your mind. Confess any worries you hold to your partner who you will find ready to listen. Introspection will serve you well now. Broaden your perspective by embarking on a new look at the relationship, be they friendships or romances. Continue to love and care for those closest to you.

You possess plenty of passion. It's just a matter of letting it show. Invest in a little extra time with family and friends. Enjoy special moments. It may be time to reconnect with a lost love or an old friend. Make a decision about your future with someone important and take the next step. Emotional connection and strengthening bonds are necessary this week. Trust is the key. Always remember what matters most to you, the relationship that gives you strength and affection.

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Scorpio Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Mars is exalted and present in your third house with Ketu. Your fifth lord Jupiter is present in your twelfth house with Venus. You are under the influence of the last phase of sade-sati. You may find yourself in an unwanted situation this week. Be careful, therefore, in your next steps. Take action only after much deliberation. You may not get the positive rewards you have been waiting for. Don't be quick to blame others. Instead, try to step back to get a clearer view of the situation.

Avoid temptations, including romantic affairs that would be unwise. Stress may be inevitable now but you have the skills to deal with issues as they arise. Communication is critical now in addressing any difficulties, including any romantic or sexual frustrations. Avoid getting bogged down by insignificant affairs and pay attention to what really matters. Your emotional needs matter and so do your partner's. Calm down and find a way to meet in the middle. With the right balance, neither partner feels slighted. or suffocated. Focus on all the support you have at present.

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Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Jupiter is posited in your house of profit along with Venus. Your fifth lord, Mars is posited in your second house as exalted with Ketu. Retrograde Saturn is transiting through your sign. Affairs of the heart are complicated this week as you attempt to care for your partner's family as well as your own. You may be a feeling distance from the usual members of your social circle and be wondering if your concerns are being truly heard. Efforts spent on your relationship in this phase will not be wasted.

Use the chance to travel as an opportunity for getting in touch with a higher sense of purpose. Put some work into romance now and it will pay off well in the long run. You are likely going through a metamorphosis in regards to your feelings and choices in life. This fresh outlook serves you well. As you plan next steps for yourself make sure you get each phase of an idea adequate time and attention. It may be time to consider taking a romantic relationship to the next level.

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Capricorn Love Horoscope

Exalted Mars and Ketu are placed in your sign. Your fifth lord Venus is present in your tenth house with Jupiter. Your sign lord Saturn is posited in your twelfth house as retrograde. The first phase of sade-sati begins. Have frank conversations about spiritual insights with your sweetheart and perhaps travel together somewhere that has deep significant for you both. Some of your current plans could be restricted by family complications. The distress of relatives, yours or your mate’s, may mean you are asked to attend meetings involving legal matters.

Both work and home life demand your attention and you are doing your best to juggle both. Physical passions are on your mind now. You need to vent and let loose after a period of hard work and stress. You are ready to really enjoy the pleasures of life. This may include a new romantic fling or just some light headed stress relief with your mate. Live life to the fullest and share your happiness with your mate. There is nothing more important in life than really appreciating each moment and the beauty and happiness it has to offer.

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Aquarius Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in the house of profit. Your fifth lord, Mercury is placed in your seventh house with Sun. Jupiter and Saturn aspect your own house as well as your fifth house. You may be called upon to help family or mediate a conflict. Complications in a romantic relationship may ensue now. The realm of the heart rules in all spheres now. Intense emotions may arise so deal with them each in turn and fully. You are capable of wisely addressing all concerns.

An argument may lead to increase intimacy. Spend quality time with your mate. Let go of ego and you will find conflicts easier to resolve. Cooperation is essential now. Take things as they come and don't try and control them. An understanding between you and your partner is the ultimate key to winning personal battles. Work not as individuals but as a unified couple. Remain optimistic in your outlook and keep true to your sense of purpose. Talk about fear and worries with your mate to help you move forward. The past is best left in the past.

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Pisces Love Horoscope

Your sign lord Jupiter is present in the eighth house along with Venus. Moon, the fastest moving planet, is your fifth lord and travels this week from your sixth house to your ninth house. Rahu is posited in your fifth house. Mars and Ketu aspect your fifth house. You feel satisfied with your work performance now and eager to sharpen your skills even more. Your peers and colleagues admire your dedication and are drawn to your confidence. In contrast to your professional life, personal affairs may be more complex. Staying or leaving in a romantic relationship may be on your mind.

Courageously face the difficulties you are experiencing. There is no easy out. Dedicate time and energy to working out what's troubling you. Change may be good but running away from your current situation is not the answer. Now might be the right time to take the next step in your romantic relationship. It is important to be honest about your financial situation. Conflict over money is not productive in a relationship. Don't let materialism distract from what matters most, namely love.

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