Tarot Card

Tarot Card
The tarot cards are pictorial presentation of universal ideas. Overtime the cards are used for predicting future, way to gather unforeseen, occult information about various issues etc. Get an in depth analysis and personalized solution of your problem through the divine Tarot cards. Take remedial guidance for problems related to you career, finance, health, relationship etc.

Select the spread

How it works
There are four different types of Tarot Card spreads. Each of these spreads is different in nature (while the cards and their message remain the same), each spread addresses a different type of problem.

1. Insight (Three-Card Spread):
This spread is used to gain insight into a situation. Here, an individual picks three Tarot cards.

2. Relationships ( Four-card Spread):
This spread is used to assess relations. Here, the individual picks four cards.

3. Clarity (Five-card Spread):
This spread is an all purpose, general reading. Here, the individual picks five cards.

4. General Purpose (Ten-cards Spread):
This spread is used to gain clarity over specific issue and for general reading. Here, the individual picks ten cards.
Things to Remember
  • First of all, before you select Tarot cards, you need to have an open mind.

  • Each of these 78 cards carry an important message.

  • There is no said rule for using a particular spread.

  • Generally, a Tarot expert uses a particular spread for answering questions based on their experience and the nature of question asked by the questioner.

  • While Tarot readings can shed critical insight into past and present events, as well as illuminate possible and even probable outcomes for current situations, Tarot is not fortune telling.

  • It is important that the cards must be read in the order of selection.